1. The negative ion generator will generate a trace amount of ozone while generating negative ions (release amount of negative oxygen ions: ≥ 6 × 106/m3), the combination of the two can easily adsorb various viruses and bacteria, causing structural changes or energy transfer, leading to their death. In addition, it can clean the air, clear smoke and dust, and neutralize negatively charged ions with positively charged smoke and dust floating in the air to make them naturally deposit.
  2. The activated carbon filter screen is made of high-quality activated carbon powder adhered to the fiber filter cotton substrate with high polymer materials, which can effectively remove benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful and toxic substances in the air.
  3. The photocatalyst filter screen is made of nano-TiO2 and advanced production technology. Under the irradiation of high-intensity ultraviolet light inside the machine, it can produce strong catalytic activity, oxidize and decompose many toxic and harmful pollutants into non-toxic and harmless substances such as CO2, H2O, and achieve the purpose of deodorization and antibacterial. Through the disinfection and sterilization of the main function ultraviolet radiation and auxiliary function anion generator, activated carbon filter screen and photocatalyst filter screen, the cleanliness of the disinfected space can reach ≤ 200 cfu/m ³; The effect of.

During the use of the circulating air ultraviolet sterilizer, the following items should be noted:

  1. Assembly of quartz tube: the operator shall not directly touch the surface of quartz tube with his hands to avoid contamination and affecting the transparency. Align the quartz tube with the water seal holes at both ends, insert the quartz tube with the same margin at both ends, insert the “O” rubber ring, slowly and evenly tighten the gland, and do not use too much force to prevent the quartz tube from cracking. Then conduct the water test. If there is water leakage, gently tighten the gland until there is no water leakage, Finally, the lamp can be installed and operated.
  2. Disassembly of quartz tube: first turn off the power, open the covers on both sides of the sterilizer, take out the lamp tube, remove the glands on both ends, take out the “O” rubber ring in the water seal seat, and then slowly pull out the quartz tube

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