Disinfector management system

FasFreDe Infection control system FasFreDe infection control system is developed to guarantee the disinfection result , standrize disinfection process . With this system we can track how , by whom and where is performed every single disinfection cycle , we can make sure every single disinfection cycle is done in the right way , we […]

iOT disinfection machine renting system

iOT disinfection device renting system  The renting system is specially developed for the disinfectant providers who get profit mainly from disinfectants sales .  This function allows them to rent the disinfection devices to the hospitals or disinfection service makers by a low monthly fee ,  but the hospitals and disinfection service makers is obligated to […]

IOT automated disinfection process monitor and control system

IOT automated disinfection process monitor and control system Only one click ,achieve a 6-Log disinfection process including disinfectant diffusion , pathogen contact , disinfectant catalyzing   With this system , for completing the 4 phases ,we need to :  Input space volume Select biological reduction level  Click start Then… Disinfectant diffusor begin to work automatically with […]