The plasma purifier sold in the market usually sets the air outlets on both sides and the top of the top, circulating airflows, releasing the increase in negative ions, which greatly accelerates the efficiency of plasma purification air. If you want to know if the air purifier can remove the smell of smoke in the air, the main component of tobacco needs to analyze.

When the tobacco is burning, there are more than 3,000 toxic substances produced. The main toxic substances are nicotine, as well as tobacco, hydrocyanic acid, carbon dioxide, acryldehyde, and nitric oxide. Among the burning smoke, 90 % of the harmful substances exist in the form of gas, and only 10 % exist in the form of smoke dust particles.

Different air purifiers have different structures, but if we want to remove the smell of smoke, we need to clearly understand how the air purifier achieves the purpose of removing the smell of smoke. When the air purifier is working, it is mainly filtered by a filter through the filter. However, if the requirements of the filter are particularly high, it can also be filtered on some gas, because the filter in the air purifier contains A activated carbon, which is very effective for some toxic and harmful gases such as adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, etc., but requires more activated carbon in the filter, and the iodine value is relatively high. The gas of the gas is well adsorbed and decomposed.

The working principle of a plasma purifier is to ionize the positive and negative ions in the air under high voltage, and the negative ions generated can be effectively combined with the harmful gases such as bacteria and dust to change the structure.

Finally, bacterial death or dust precipitation, and the multi -layer filtering system that comes with the principle of plasma purifier can effectively absorb and filter these bacteria and harmful substances from the air to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. In summary, the plasma air purifier can remove the smell of smoke and can remove dust, but the filter should be replaced regularly.

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