There are many types of hydrogen peroxide in our daily life. Do you know whether industrial hydrogen peroxide can be used for washing? I believe that everyone is not so understanding, please follow the hydrogen peroxide manufacturer Xiaobian to understand it.

  1. Industrial hydrogen peroxide cannot be used for washing. At low concentrations, the skin on your hands is less delicate. When the concentration is as large as 10% aqueous solution, the skin of your hands will be white and painful.
  2. The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. Pure hydrogen peroxide is a light blue viscous liquid that can be mixed with water in any proportion. It is a strong oxidant. The aqueous solution is commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, which is a colorless and transparent liquid.
  3. Washing is the process of removing unwanted components from the object being washed and achieving a certain purpose. The usual meaning refers to the process of decontamination and descaling from the surface of the carrier.

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