Can hydrogen peroxide be used to rinse mouth? Hello! I have periodontitis now. The doctor prescribed some anti-inflammatories, one of which was hydrogen peroxide, for gargling. However, the instructions indicate that it is for external use and should not be taken orally. Corrosive to metals and bleaching to fabrics. Excuse me, doctor, can this 3-point hydrogen peroxide be used for gargling? Are there any side effects or disadvantages?

Hydrogen peroxide is used for mouthwash, but it is rarely used clinically. Now the commonly used mouthwash has a good antibacterial and disinfection effect. It is not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide to treat periodontitis. It does have a certain corrosive effect on the mucous membrane. Treatment with regular mouthwash, followed by antibiotics, is recommended.
Condition analysis: Hello, many hospitals use low-concentration hydrogen peroxide to gargle, but the concentration should not be too high, so as not to corrode the mucous membranes.

Guidance: Many people generally use 1 point of hydrogen peroxide to rinse their mouths to treat oral anaerobic infections, such as gingivitis and gum abscesses.

Hydrogen peroxide is another type of hydrogen oxide besides water. It has a slightly higher viscosity than water, is chemically unstable, and is generally stored as a 30-point or 60-point aqueous solution. Hydrogen peroxide is strong in oxidation and weak in acidity. Inhalation of hydrogen peroxide vapor or mist can cause strong irritation to the respiratory tract. Direct eye contact with liquids can cause irreversible damage and even blindness. Oral poisoning has abdominal pain, chest pain, dyspnea, vomiting, temporary motor and sensory disturbances, and elevated body temperature.

Suggestion: Occasional gargling is fine, but long-term use is not recommended.
Yes, hydrogen peroxide is also called hydrogen peroxide solution, molecular formula is H2O2, colorless and odorless liquid. The hydrogen peroxide at 3 points encounters tissue enzymes, decomposes and releases free oxygen, and plays a bactericidal effect by oxidizing the active groups in the bacteria. Topical application creates air bubbles that help remove pus, blood clots, and necrotic tissue, and has antiseptic, deodorizing, and cleansing properties.

  1. Before rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, dilute 1:6 with 3 points of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. When gargling with hydrogen peroxide, pay attention to let it fluctuate back and forth in the mouth, let the hydrogen peroxide wash away all parts of the mouth, wash away bacteria, eliminate bacteria, and kill bacteria. Medicine | Education | Web Collections
  3. Stomatitis is mostly caused by eating hot food. Many bacteria multiply in the mouth. The mouth can be rusted with hydrogen peroxide, containing hydrogen peroxide for about two to three minutes. In serious cases, three or four are included. Be careful to swirl the hydrogen peroxide back and forth in your mouth a few times.

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