As we all know, hydrogen peroxide is an industrial raw material with strong corrosiveness. Although it has certain medical value, it is used under the guidance of doctors under very strict scientific research and development. Hydrogen peroxide manufacturers are mainly used for sterilization and external medical purposes, such as wound disinfection. The best ratio for testing blood: 6% hydrogen peroxide plus 0.005% methylene blue. Industrial hydrogen peroxide is another hydrogen oxide besides water. The viscosity is slightly higher than that of water, and the chemical properties are unstable. Generally, it is stored in the form of a 30% or 60% aqueous solution, and its aqueous solution is commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties and is weakly acidic. Wuxi hydrogen peroxide with higher concentration (more than 10%) is used in textile, leather, paper, and wood manufacturing industries as bleaching and deodorizing agents. Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the components of hair dyes, and is also used as a material for synthesizing organic raw materials (catechol), medicine, metal surface treatment agent, polymerization initiator, etc. Can also be used as rocket propellant. So, can psoriasis patients treat psoriasis by applying hydrogen peroxide water?

Hydrogen peroxide

There is no scientific basis for the hydrogen peroxide treatment of psoriasis remedies. It is very dangerous to directly use hydrogen peroxide for whitening. Although the skin will turn white in a short period of time, it will cause strong irritation to the skin after a long time. In severe cases, the epidermis may be burned, making the skin rough and blisters.

From this we can see that although hydrogen peroxide has a certain effect of disinfection, it does not have a great danger. Students must use it under the guidance of a doctor. Especially, the improper use of hydrogen peroxide can easily lead to skin diseases. , that is to say it will aggravate your psoriasis.

Hydrogen peroxide

Because hydrogen peroxide is irritating to the skin to a certain extent, the patient can react to the skin through whitening, tingling, and even no decay problem, which is the stimulating economic effect of hydrogen peroxide. Consult a doctor, and under the guidance of a doctor, students use psoriasis remedies.

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