The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is a sterilization equipment that can be used in various environments for sterilization. It is often used by hospitals to disinfect and sterilize rooms such as patient rooms and operating rooms to reduce the phenomenon of bacterial infection. So in a crowded space like a ward, the use of hydrogen peroxide disinfection will not cause harm to the human body or the disinfection effect is not good? The answer is that when using a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, personnel can stay inside. What is its disinfection principle?
The indoor air can pass through the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer filter to remove larger dust particles in the air, and then pass through the activated carbon filter to remove various odorous gases in the air. The plasma generator in the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is a special high-voltage positive and negative ion generator. The production of positive ions relies on the serrated positive electrode to continuously generate high-energy and high-concentration positive ions. We need to disinfect with positive ions and determine how many positive ions are needed based on the chamber volume.
The high concentration of positive ions makes the bacteria and inhalable particles in the air (including haze PM2.5) extremely surrounded by positive ions, allowing them to quickly obtain saturated electrical energy. The flat positive electrode has a high electrostatic field strength (8000v high voltage), charged particles and bacteria will be quickly adsorbed to the positive plate, and the positive plate device is filled with positive ions.
Under the action of positive ion osmosis, bacterial electrolytes are destroyed, cell membranes are destroyed, resulting in death. At the same time, the plasma generator can also generate a high concentration of negative ions through a high-voltage electric field of 15000V. When positive and negative ions exist at the same time, the positive and negative ions have a charge neutralization effect, which can more effectively kill various bacteria in the air. At the same time, this process also requires negative ions, so in the design process, the concentration of negative ions is designed in the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer to be twice the concentration of positive ions, and half of the negative ions are left after the positive and negative ions are neutralized.
The negative ions are captured by the oxygen in the air and become negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions mainly have the functions of sterilization and smoke elimination, deodorization and formaldehyde removal. Because negative oxygen ions can accumulate various particles, dust, and electric charges, and can decompose harmful gases, kill bacteria and viruses, and eliminate smoke smell, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the air structure, purifying and disinfecting indoor air.
The above is the principle of disinfection and sterilization of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. The final sterilized products of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer are water and oxygen, so it is possible to realize the coexistence of humans and machines in one room

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