During the cooling and packaging process, if there are many microorganisms in the air that come into contact with the workshop air again, the microorganisms will adhere to the surface of the food, and intestinal food will be contaminated with microorganisms again. Therefore, the food production workshop needs to use dynamic air disinfection machines. The principle adopted is to suck indoor bacterial air into the machine under dynamic human conditions, and use high concentration ionizers generated by the Nicoler electric field to quickly kill over 93% of the bacterial air. When disinfecting the air, people can produce and live indoors at the same time, without any harm to the human body; Due to the fact that people can work simultaneously in the workshop during disinfection, this disinfection technology is also known as a food dynamic disinfection machine. Many listed baking food companies in China use dynamic disinfection technology in clean production workshops. The usage method is simpler: workers turn on their phones when they go to work, turn off their phones when they leave work, and synchronize sterilization and disinfection while workers are working to extend the shelf life of cake food.

As a new type of disinfection equipment, the dynamic air disinfection machine has great application prospects in the field of food safety. It can efficiently kill harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air, thereby reducing the problem of excessive total bacterial count in food and improving the safety level of food. At the same time, dynamic air disinfectors can also improve air quality, improve people’s dining experience, and bring more business opportunities to catering enterprises. In the current food safety situation, the application of dynamic air disinfection machines will become increasingly widespread.

In the future, as consumers’ attention to food safety and air quality continues to increase, the scale of the dynamic air disinfection machine market will continue to expand. In this context, dynamic air disinfection machine production enterprises need to strengthen research and development, continuously improve product performance, improve product quality and reliability, to meet market demand. At the same time, the government also needs to introduce more comprehensive policies to promote the healthy development of the dynamic air disinfection machine industry.

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