1. The present invention involves the field of robotic disinfection technology, which is specifically a automatic cruise disinfection system and method.

Background technique:

  1. Disinfection of epidemic prevention robots, referred to as disinfection robots, robots are carriers. Disinfected gases are generated in the internal device of the robot. Use the robot’s pneumatic system to quickly spread the disinfection gas in the indoor space to increase the coverage and uniformity of disinfection. It can be effective and no. Kill the pathogenic microorganism in the air, and the disinfection robot can disinfect the indoor indoors according to the set routes;
  2. When disinfection of the disinfection robot, the on -site application situation is complex and changing, which affects the disinfection trajectory of the robot. At this stage, the regional disinfection is to manually control the robot to reach the designated position. Sex, inconvenient to use.

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