The hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine is a high-power, multi-functional disinfection device designed for large indoor spaces. It has multiple procedures from primary filtration to complete disinfection. It can intelligently eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air in a short time, and decontaminate and eliminate smoke. It is a high-efficiency hydrogen peroxide sterilizer to prevent respiratory infectious diseases and prevent airborne viruses by removing odor and supplementing indoor negative ions.

The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can be widely used in hospital operating rooms, wards, sterile areas of supply rooms and other places. Through ionized hydrogen peroxide gas disinfection and filtration sterilization, the air can be automatically circulated, so repeated sterilization and disinfection, with It has the advantages of fast disinfection speed, non-toxic to human body, no pollution to the environment, and no corrosion to equipment.

The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is not only effective for the air, but also for the surface of the object. If there is a lot of dust on the surface of the indoor object, it is best to wipe it clean first, and then use the HR-01 series hydrogen peroxide sterilizer probe to monitor the consumption and distribution of hydrogen peroxide during the sterilization process and the operation of the equipment in real time. After the disinfecting is completed, a disinfecting report will be automatically generated to ensure the safety and reliability of your disinfecting effect in the most intuitive form. And the decomposed products are water and oxygen, which will not affect the equipment and air.

Because of its small and convenient shape, the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is not only loved by medical staff, but also widely recognized by household consumers. It is intelligently controlled, economical and practical. When the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is sterilizing, people can be inside it, and it will not harm the human body. There are no side effects, and the state of human-machine coexistence is fully achieved.

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