1. Food processing

In the food processing process, ozone generator disinfection technology can be used to kill microorganisms attached to the surface. For example, ozone disinfection technology can be used to kill bacteria attached to the surface of food products such as meat, vegetables, and fruits. Ozone can be achieved by spraying, soaking, spray, etc.

  1. Food storage

During the food storage process, bacteria are prone to reproduce in high temperature and humid environments. Ozone generator disinfection technology can kill bacteria in the air, thereby maintaining the hygiene of the food storage environment. Ozone generators can be installed in food storage rooms to achieve the goal of killing microorganisms in the air.

  1. Drinking water treatment

Drinking water may contain various microorganisms, such as Escherichia coli, mold, etc. Ozone disinfection technology can kill these microorganisms through oxidation. An ozone generator can be installed at the inlet of the tap water pipeline to kill microorganisms in drinking water by adding ozone.

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