1. Central kitchen air

There are a large number of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the air of the central kitchen, which can easily cause cross infection. By installing a dynamic air disinfection machine, microorganisms in the air can be effectively disinfected, reducing the risk of cross infection. In the central kitchen, multiple dynamic air disinfectors can be installed to cover the entire kitchen space and achieve comprehensive disinfection.

  1. Disinfect food ingredients and kitchen utensils

In addition to air disinfection, dynamic air disinfection machines can also disinfect food ingredients and kitchen utensils. In the central kitchen, the quality and hygiene of ingredients are very important, and once food safety issues arise, the consequences are unimaginable. By placing the dynamic air disinfection machine in the storage area of food ingredients and kitchen utensils, the disinfection range can be expanded to the surface of objects, achieving comprehensive disinfection.

  1. Eliminate kitchen odors

In the central kitchen, due to a large amount of cooking and processing activities, it is easy to produce various odors, such as lampblack, putrefaction, etc. These odors not only affect the working environment of the kitchen, but also easily affect the ingredients and food quality. The dynamic air disinfection machine can not only disinfect the air, but also effectively remove odors and ensure food quality.

  1. Improve employee health levels

The central kitchen is a highly crowded place, and the health level of employees directly affects the hygiene and quality of food. By installing a dynamic air disinfection machine, the risk of employee infection can be reduced, the health level of employees can be improved, and employee leave and medical expenses can be reduced, which is beneficial for both the enterprise and employees.

  1. Saving costs and improving efficiency

Traditional disinfection methods, such as using disinfectant and ultraviolet lamps, require manual operation, which not only consumes human resources but also poses certain safety hazards. In contrast, dynamic air disinfectors can automatically disinfect without manual intervention, which not only saves labor costs but also improves disinfection efficiency.

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