With the rapid development of medical science and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level. CDC laboratory has become the core department of the center, which is responsible for disease monitoring, disinfection monitoring, health monitoring, food poisoning and other emergencies, microbial, physical and chemical tests, HIV monitoring, preventive physical examination and related clinical tests. CDC laboratory will not only come into contact with a large number of infectious organisms known factors, also may come into contact with unknown infectious biological factors, central laboratory measurement must pass the certification according to the inspection report to have legal effect, the test work must conform to the requirements of the laboratory accreditation assessment criteria, especially the influence of the outbreak of the new champions league, with particular emphasis on CDC laboratory safety, Therefore, it is more important to strengthen the disinfection management of the laboratory.

With what means is disease control center laboratory thorough and fast disinfection better? Ultraviolet lamp, ozone effect is limited, always disinfection is not complete, and the effect of formaldehyde fumigation with chemical reagents is good, but the toxicity and harm of formaldehyde, do not want to often use formaldehyde, how to do? CDC laboratories, especially P3 laboratories, are strictly controlled and must be comprehensively disinfected after the experiment to avoid contamination and biosafety.

Biological hydrogen peroxide space disinfection sterilizer is a rapid, effective and safe comprehensive disinfection technology for CDC laboratory. Hydrogen peroxide gas space disinfection method has been recognized and widely used by foreign advanced laboratories, biosafety institutions, International Society for Microbiology, Infection Prevention Center organization, Environmental Protection Agency, WHO occupational health and other authorities. At present, there are quite a few domestic research institutions, sterile laboratories, sterile workshops of production enterprises in the use of hydrogen peroxide space disinfection device.

Biological dry fog hydrogen peroxide sterilization system is the use of compressed air as carrier gas, rationing disinfectant, when the trace of the liquid through a siphon principle after entering the nozzle in the carrier gas, gas to liquid droplets produce strong collision and crushing, rapid dry fog particles less than 10 microns to distal spread to the whole space, so as to realize efficient sterilization.

Biological dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer uses low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid type sporocide to achieve log6 level disinfection and sterilization; Used in indoor environment, quickly kill viruses, fungi, mold and spores in the air and object surface in closed space. The use of low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, per cubic meter only a few milliliters of dosage, environmental humidity rise a little, the environment of instruments, computers, metal products and so on no corrosion. In the process of disinfection and sterilization, there is no need for heating, neutralization and other processes, which is convenient and rapid.

Biological dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment is characterized by the use of a low concentration of disinfectant to achieve a high level of disinfection effect, the environment of articles and color steel plate will not be corrosive. Although some domestic brands also use low concentration of disinfectant, but most difficult to reach the level of log6 sterilization requirements, it will be added in the disinfectant heavy metals such as silver ions synergistic agent or by increasing unit space sterilization disinfectant doses to achieve a goal, it will be irreversible effects to the environment, the toxicity of the residue and accumulation of heavy metals such as silver, Or large doses of disinfectant on color steel plate corrosion.

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