As the temperature rises, the bacterial virus has begun to active, and the number of new crown patients in my country has begun to increase, because within a range of about 20 degrees, the active period of virus is the most infected. Last year, we knew that this virus could be transmitted through the cold chain, but now with its continuous mutation, it can also be attached to ordinary things for transmission. First of all, the recruitment is the Hangzhou Siqiqing Clothing Market. It was found that there were patients. Then the employees of Yuhang SF Express were infected. These virus sources were all international parcels. Essence
Yesterday, many people were scared, because many people received text messages, and people who wrapped the parcels from Yuhang SF Express Points quickly went to make nucleic acids. The crowds of people are worried about myself in my heart. After doing nucleic acid testing, if you are fine, you can rest at home with peace of mind. Thank you for your deep suction. If there is something, then 120 will come to pick you up with Dabai. For prevention and control, everyone can enjoy the 14+14 holiday.
The package is carried by the virus. This is really not expected by many people. It can be seen how strong this virus has the ability to adapt to the environment, and it can also be explained how serious the foreign epidemic is, because it can be transmitted, and the virus must reach a certain amount of some. The concentration is not to say that one or two viruses can be used, and it is also contagious. This concentration

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