1 Principle and characteristics

  The airtight fumigation disinfection mode works as follows: take the laboratory room as a unit, close the air supply and exhaust unit, air duct closed valve and laboratory door, so that the laboratory is in a closed state, and disinfectant gas is generated in the room or outside the room. Disinfectant gas occurs and is injected into the laboratory through a dedicated disinfection pipeline.

 2  There is a problem

  Many domestic high-level biosafety laboratories use units, and found that there is confusion: when airtight fumigation is used, if there are multiple core work rooms, when there are no multiple disinfection equipment that can be disinfected at the same time, the disinfection process and after disinfection There is a risk of contamination with unsterilized rooms, and even contamination of the surrounding environment such as ceilings and peripheral corridors.

How to solve

Hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology has been used in European laboratory environment disinfection for nearly 20 years. Especially in recent years, hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology has developed rapidly in the environment where the European Union restricts the use of formaldehyde for space sterilization.

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