Air sterilization refers to the disinfection of microorganisms and bacteria in the air. Sterilizing and disinfecting agents can effectively eliminate and prevent all kinds of epidemic diseases, while maintaining a constant natural fragrance in the air; It can maintain the germicidal and disinfection effects in a long-term and efficient manner. Its application flexibility is large, and it is almost not affected by temperature, light, and when the temperature is high, its germicidal ability is even enhanced; Pure ecology, safety and environmental protection. The decomposed products are water and oxygen, which are harmless to people and animals, without residue and corrosivity; The two basic components hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and colloidal silver ions can improve the bactericidal effect more rapidly and intensively through cooperation; It can be used for air sterilization in GMP workshops and can replace ozone and formaldehyde fumigation.

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