Air disinfector usually refers to a kind of disinfection equipment that sterilizes and disinfects the air. The common air disinfectors are mainly composed of three parts: the first is the power system (the motor provides power); The second is filtration system (HEPA high-efficiency filter screen, activated carbon filter screen); The third is disinfection system (ultraviolet ray and photocatalyst).

Some important factors for most people to choose air disinfectors are: First, there are too many particles such as dust in the living environment, which affects people’s healthy life, such as smog weather; Second, there are vulnerable physical conditions at home, such as newborn babies need a clean air environment; Third, indoor second-hand smoke, lampblack and other environment; Fourth, when the spring and summer change, a large number of bacteria and viruses breed, and the air needs to be disinfected.

Disinfection method of air disinfector

  1. Plasma air disinfector refers to the plasma generator that generates a large number of electrons under specific conditions. These electrons free and diffuse into the air, and a large number of electrons damage the cell wall of microorganisms and other organelles. The use time of the plasma air disinfector should not be too long. When the electron concentration in the air exceeds a certain range, it is not beneficial to human health.
  2. The ozone air disinfector uses the strong oxidation of ozone to destroy the cell structure of microorganisms, thereby achieving the function of sterilization and detoxification. Ozone is produced by ozone making equipment, and the ozone is dispersed in all corners of the room. Precautions for the operation of the ozone disinfector are as follows: non professionals are prohibited from the disinfection site, because the oxidation of ozone also has a strong oxidation effect on the human cell structure; Close the doors and windows when the ozone disinfector is working, because ozone is easily changed into gaseous ozone and decomposed into oxygen.
  3. Ultraviolet air disinfector uses 254nm ultraviolet light to sterilize and disinfect. Ultraviolet light of this wavelength can damage DNA or RNA of Beauvais organisms, causing many microorganisms to lose the function of reproduction, or directly kill microorganisms to achieve sterilization and disinfection. Ultraviolet rays not only kill bacteria and poison, but also have an impact on human skin. When skin is exposed to the sun for a period of time, the skin will be sunburnt or even peeled, because ultraviolet rays also exist in the sun. Therefore, when using the ultraviolet air disinfector, it is necessary to prevent the ultraviolet ray from leaking, so as to avoid skin injury.

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