Air sterilization and disinfection refers to the disinfection treatment of microorganisms and bacteria in the air. Disinfectants have the ability to kill bacteria, disinfect and purify air, with an instant sterilization rate of 99.999%, effectively eliminating and preventing various diseases, while maintaining a constant natural fragrance in the air; It can effectively maintain sterilization and disinfection effects for a long time, with high application elasticity and almost unaffected by temperature, light, and even enhanced disinfection ability at high temperatures; Pure ecology, safety, environmental protection, the decomposed products are water and oxygen, harmless to humans and animals, without residue or corrosiveness; Two basic components, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and colloidal silver ions, collaborate to improve the bactericidal effect more quickly and centrally; It can be used for air sterilization in GMP workshops and can replace ozone and formaldehyde fumigation.

a. Colorless, odorless, completely environmentally friendly, with only water and oxygen remaining, it is the world’s first truly residue free air sterilization disinfectant

b. Super sterilization ability. Through more than 200 EU sterilization tests, it can kill more than 200 harmful microorganisms, including influenza virus, poliovirus, HIV-1 virus and hepatitis B virus,

c. Long lasting effect, once used, the effect can last for 4-6 hours

d. Easy to apply, just a simple spray is all you need to complete

e. While killing various harmful bacteria in the air, it effectively purifies the air and removes odors

f. Non irritating, suitable for use by pregnant women, infants, GMP workshops, and ICU wards

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