(1) Methods available in case of people

  1. Natural ventilation is preferred; In case of poor natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation should be adopted.
  2. Centralized air conditioning and ventilation system.
  3. Circulating air ultraviolet air disinfector or electrostatic adsorption air disinfector or its

He obtained the air disinfector approved by the Ministry of Health for disinfection products.

  1. Clean air technology.
  2. Other air disinfection products that have been approved by the Ministry of Health for disinfection products and are not harmful to human health.

(2) Methods that can be used when no one is around

  1. Ultraviolet lamp irradiation disinfection.
  2. Chemical disinfection, commonly used disinfectants are peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide.
  3. Other disinfectants that have obtained the sanitary permit for disinfection products from the Ministry of Health and are suitable for ultra-low volume spray disinfection shall be subject to spray disinfection. The use method and precautions shall follow the product instructions

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