Air disinfection machines are classified according to disinfection methods as
Physical factor air disinfectors: use electrostatic adsorption, filtration technology, and ultraviolet radiation to kill or remove microorganisms in the air, such as electrostatic adsorption air disinfectors, high-efficiency filters (HEPA), and ultraviolet air disinfectors.
Chemical factor air disinfection machines include chlorine dioxide air disinfection machines, ozone air disinfection machines, hydrogen peroxide air disinfection machines, etc. Among them, ozone produced by ozone air disinfection machines is one of the strongest oxidants known to be available, with oxidation ability second only to fluorine and extremely strong bactericidal properties.
Other factors of air disinfection machines: such as plasma air disinfection machines, photocatalyst air disinfection machines, etc.
In addition, air disinfection machines can be divided into air disinfection machines that can coexist with humans and air disinfection machines that cannot coexist with humans.

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