1. Hospitals such as fever clinics, emergency rooms, respiratory departments, ICUs, dental departments, wards, infusion rooms, consultation rooms, etc,

Provide real-time protection throughout the whole process for professional medical staff who frequently contact patients with COVID-19;

  1. Classrooms, libraries, student canteens, etc,

Avoid causing other students to be infected in large areas due to individual student infections,

Reduce the risk of infection with influenza and other viruses, and protect the physical and mental health of teachers and students;

  1. Processing workshops, employee office areas, etc,

During the high incidence season of the epidemic and influenza, avoid cross infection among employees, and ensure factory attendance and output efficiency,

Greatly improve the quality of products and the work efficiency of staff;

  1. Office spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, reception rooms, etc,

Avoiding cross infection among employees in indoor environments and improving work efficiency;

  1. Restaurants, hotels, and other public places with complex personnel and high personnel mobility,

Avoid cross infection among other passengers due to individual passenger infections;

  1. Airport entry inspection room, disposal room, terminal office area, customs inspection hall, customs declaration hall, etc,

Provide real-time protection for security and epidemic prevention personnel who frequently come into contact with potential patients;

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