There are many types of air disinfection machines, and there are many principles. There are many types of ozone techniques, those who use ultraviolet lamps, some filters, and some use photocatalytic and so on.

  1. Early efficiency filtration, medium -efficient filtering, static adsorption filtering: effectively remove particles and dust in the air.
  2. activated carbon net: deodorizing function.
  3. Light Cataract Media Network
    Antibacterial network assisted disinfection. Generally, the nano -level photocatalyst material (mainly titanium dioxide), with the irradiation of purple light, generates positive electrocomputers on the surface of titanium dioxide and negative oxygen ions with negative electricity, “cave” and water in the air. The combination of vapor is combined to produce a strong alkaline “hydroxide roots free radical”. It breaks down the formaldehyde and benzene in the air and turns it into harmless water and carbon dioxide. The combination of negative oxygen ions and oxygen in the air forms a “active oxygen”, which can break down the cell membrane of bacteria and the protein of the oxide virus, and achieve the purpose of sterilization, poison and decomposition of harmful gases from the surface.

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