1. ventilation and ventilation and keep the room clean

Timing the ventilation of windows and ventilation gas is an effective way to reduce indoor microbial density. Under the condition of indoor air and external circulation, microorganisms can be reduced by 77.3%-79.3%in the early 30 minutes, and 96.4%-99.5%can be reduced in 75 minutes. It is a very simple and effective method for purifying indoor air.

  1. Air purifier purification

Light catalyst, negative ions, and net ion cluster purification technology can remove viruses, swim the mold, bacteria, benzene, ammonia, allergens, etc.

Multi -filter function adsorption of dust, powerful dehumindehyde, odor, adsorption oil fume, second -hand smoke, etc.

The humidification and purification function releases the pure hydrocephalus that is closer to nature, which is more conducive to human health and has no secondary pollution. Can moisturize the skin and create a sterile new air. At the same time, improve the efficiency and effect of purification.

Intelligent monitoring pollution, which is convenient to learn indoor pollution.

  1. The spray of disinfection agents and smoked steaming disinfection

Common chemical disinfection agents for air spray and fumigation disinfection are: chlorine -containing disinfection agent, peroxycetic acid, pentahyde, chlorine dioxide, etc.

The effect of disinfecting air with spraying or heating method is basically the same. The relative humidity is preferably 80%-90%, and the dose is 250-500mg/m3, which is 30 minutes. The spray can be concentrated with a 1%-2%concentration, and the heating fumigation can be a solution with a slightly higher concentration.

The chlorine dioxide activated disinfection is also an excellent and harmless environmental disinfection agent. The spray disinfection concentration is 200-500 ppm, which is 15-30 minutes. In addition to disinfection effects, it also has deodorization.

  1. Disinfection of air with chemical disinfection agent, especially when it is confined and fumigated, people cannot stay indoors.
  2. Disinfection of UV sterilization lamps

UV sterilization light disinfection is used for home air disinfection is both economical and efficient. After installation, it is convenient to control. It is easy to control time and does not damage family items. Considering the harm of ozone to the human body, it is generally advisable to use non -oxygen -free orthodontic ultraviolet sterilization lamps, and a reflector should be used under the installation light to prevent the human eye from seeing the light source directly. Generally, a 30-watt UV sterilization light is installed every 9-10 square meters. Each disinfection time is half an hour. UV sterilization lamps can also be installed on the wall, about 2.5m from the ground, and the metal reflux hood is installed under the light tube to the upper upper upward, making the ultraviolet irradiation and the horizontal surface of about 3-8 degrees.

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