The instrument is specially managed by a special person to keep power on the 24H, so as not to start damage frequently.
Maintenance of the filter: regular inspection of the filter. If the filter is found too much, it should be cleaned or replaced with water in time. When replacing, open the filter cover, remove the filter network from the machine, put it on the new filter, and finally install the filter on the machine.
Maintenance of UV lamp tube: The radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays will affect the effect of air disinfection. Therefore, the use of ethanol cotton balls every month is at least once wiped by ultraviolet lamp tube to ensure that the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp tube is not affected by dust.
Maintenance of negative oxygen ion generator: Due to the dust reduction effect of negative oxygen ions, after long -term use, a large amount of dust will be deposited near the air outlet case of the generator, so it should be cleared regularly. When cleaning, first cut off the power supply with flexible dry cloth or a little medical ethanol. Note: Do not rinse with water, the human body induction probe and display cannot be wiped with any detergent, ethanol, etc., and can only be wiped gently with a soft cloth

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