The finished product needs to be used to use the “Slimination Technical Specifications” sterilization standards, and the removal rate of air natural bacteria is more than 90%. In addition, manufacturing enterprises need to have the “sterilization product manufacturing enterprise sanitary license” and professional dust -free production workshop. In the environment of the new crown epidemic, more and more consumers have improved the unprecedented improvement of good air in the psychological factors of panic, and further promoted the large -scale improvement of the sales market under the psychological factors of panic. The air purification and disinfectioner of sterilization and disinfection capacity is very popular with users.
In this environment, users can “increase” the air disinfection machines that kill the virus. What is the prospect of the air disinfection machine industry? In the case of repetitive and normalization of global epidemic, the role of air disinfection machines in daily life is becoming increasingly critical. These have deeply attracted a large number of entrants. Another “Alphacube” shared intelligent air disinfection machine developed by the “Alphacube” shared by the consumer technology is quietly rising in this context. The machinery and equipment are filled with the National Health and Health Commission’s consumption name, which is easy to use and complete. Simple control equipment. In addition, some consumers are sensitive to prices, focusing on the low-end sales market, the price segment of 2000-2500 has become a trend, and the online market share exceeds 25.2%. Along with the people’s pursuit of high life quality is stronger, and the development of air disinfection machine consumption is broad. It is not difficult to imagine that with the continuous excavation of demand space, and the promotion of many favorable elements such as policies and technology, the domestic disinfection machine sales market will still maintain rapid growth.

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