1. Super -efficient filtering, electrostatic adsorption filtering: effectively remove particles and dust in the air. Air disinfection machine

Activated carbon network: deodorization function.

  1. Light Cataract Media Network

Antibacterial network assisted disinfection is generally nano -class photocatalyst (mainly titanium dioxide). With the irradiation of purple light, the titanium dioxide surface has positive “holes” and negative electrical negative oxygen ions, “holes” and water vapor in the air. Combine, a strong alkaline “hydrogen oxygen root free radical” is formed, the formaldehyde and benzene in the air will be decomposed, and the negative oxygen ion and oxygen in the air will be combined to form a “active oxygen”.

  1. Ultraviolet

To achieve the activation of bacteria in the air, the closer the ultraviolet light is from disinfected objects, the more bacteria are killed, and the faster you kill. Ultraviolet radiation range

Bacterial mortality is 100%, and no bacteria cannot escape.

The principle of sterilization of air disinfection machine is to illuminate microorganisms such as bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rays to destroy the structure of deoxyrum ribosacuucleic acid (DNA) in the body and immediately die or lose their reproductive ability. Quartz UV lamps have advantages. So how to identify authenticity? Different bands of ultraviolet sterilization ability. Only short-wave ultraviolet (200-300nm) can kill bacteria. The air disinfection machine, of which, has the strongest sterilization power within the range of 250-270nm, and the cost and performance of ultraviolet lights made according to materials are also different. True high -intensity, long -lived ultraviolet lights must be made of quartz glass. This lamp is also called quartz sterilization lamp. Divided into two types. High ozone type and low oxygen type, high ozone types are generally used in disinfection cabinets. This is a feature of quartz ultraviolet lights than other ultraviolet lights. Moreover, the thickness of the ultraviolet rays is more than 1.5 times that of Gaopeng Lantern. The most reliable way to distinguish is to measure the 254 NM probe with ultraviolet radiation. Similarly, the highest ultraviolet strength of 254 NM is the quartz ultraviolet light light. Then it was Gaopng glass ultraviolet light. UV intensity such as Gaopng Glass is easy to decay. The strength of ultraviolet rays dropped sharply within hundreds of hours, dropped to 50%-70%in the initial period. The user saw that the fluorescence was still on, but it may no longer work.

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