The dynamic air disinfection machine, also known as NICOLER sterilization technology, originated from Greek and originally meant “victorious people”. It now refers to a disinfection method in which humans and machines work synchronously on the same site. This disinfection method is called “dynamic disinfection”, which aims to disinfect the air without leaving the disinfection site and without causing any harm to the human body; Due to its successful practice of humans overcoming natural organisms through scientific and technological means, it is also known as “NICOLER sterilization technology”.

NICOLER sterilization technology is based on the actual characteristics of high humidity, high temperature, and high odor in the production workshop, and adopts the latest NICOLER three-level bidirectional plasma electrostatic field working principle. The disinfection process involves using high-voltage direct current pulses to generate a reverse electric effect in the plasma electrostatic field, generating a large amount of plasma. Under the action of negative pressure fans, the polluted air is killed and decomposed by negatively charged bacteria when passing through the plasma electrostatic field, maintaining the controlled environment at a “sterile and dust-free” standard. Due to the fact that people can work simultaneously in the workshop during disinfection, this type of disinfection machine is called a “NICOLER dynamic disinfection machine”. This machine is an advanced disinfection equipment that does not cause any harm to the human body and is mainly used for synchronous dynamic sterilization and disinfection when someone is working; In recent years, this equipment has also been widely used in the packaging, cooling, and filling processes of some large food, drug, cosmetics, and other enterprises.

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