Modern public places, such as hotels, hotels, karaoke, nightclubs, clubs, bars, Internet cafes and game rooms,

Public places such as stations and shopping malls, office buildings and other office places are heavily decorated with toxic and harmful volatile substances such as benzene and formaldehyde

Decorative materials; The use of air conditioners also makes doors and windows closed, people are noisy, indoor air is not easy to circulate, and the number of various bacteria and microorganisms

A sharp rise. Indoor air pollution seriously endangers people’s health. The air sterilizing, disinfecting and purifying machine has the functions of purifying air, sterilizing, disinfecting, removing mold odor, smoke odor, odor and other odor, and is clear of various bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and other pathogens

The obvious inhibition effect can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases and create fresh and pleasant indoor air. Manual automatic time controller is available.

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