The ozone generated by ozone generator is an albimum of oxygen. It is a pale blue and unstable gas. It is composed of three oxygen atoms. The molecular formula is O3. It is decomposed to be an early ecological oxygen at normal temperature. It is a strong oxidant agent. Its oxidation capacity is second only to fluorine.
The ozone generator in the air disinfection machine is mainly made of electrolytic method. Generally, large and medium -sized ozone generators have two types: oxygen sources and air sources, and directly electile oxygen into ozone. The ozone generated by the ozone generator can instantly complete the oxidation effect at a low concentration; there is a fresh smell at the time of trace, and it has a strong bleaching powder when it is high. Practice has proved that the oxidative gas is used for water treatment, decolority, deodorization, sterilization, algae extinguishing and virus activation; manganese dehumination, sulfide, phenol, chlorine dehuminating, pesticide deodorization, petroleum products and synthetic washing disinfection; The oxidant is used for the manufacture of certain spice synthesis, refining drugs, lubricating grease synthesis, and synthetic fiber; as a catalyst for ink coatings fast dry, combustion and winemaking, various types of fiber pulp bleach, de -color processing of full detergent, fur processing of fur processing Disodes of sterilization and other parts; disinfection and deodorization in the treatment of wastewater treatment in hospitals. In terms of wastewater treatment, it can remove metal ions such as phenol, sulfur, cyanide, phosphorus, aromatic hydrocarbons and iron, manganese

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