It can coexist with humans and is a continuous air disinfection and purification product. It has a full angle swing, reasonable airflow organization, and fast purification and disinfection without dead spots.

Reasonable air outlet speed and reasonable air supply distance ensure fast purification and disinfection without blind spots.

Reasonable sterilization factor intensity, injection molded shell with internal metal liner, ensuring machine safety and reliability.

The composite filter is made of high-quality activated carbon powder adhered to fiber filter cotton by high molecular material, which can effectively remove benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful and toxic substances in the air.

The filter has a large dust capacity, low initial resistance, and a long time to reach the final resistance. The ventilation cross-sectional area of the filter is large, and the cleaning and replacement time of the filter is long.

The air volume of the air purification and disinfection machine fan reaches more than ten times the volume of the disinfection room, and the air pressure is reasonable, while also taking into account the fan noise to achieve reasonable comprehensive optimization performance.

It has intelligent fully automatic operation, multiple operation modes to choose from, life time alarm, fault alarm and other functions.

It should be noted that air disinfectors cannot replace masks, as they cannot effectively remove inhalable particulate matter present in the air.

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